The Designer: Bilge Can | AC AnatolianCraft

About the Founder


Born and raised in Istanbul, Bilge has always been passionate about hand embroidery and design.

Once she had completed her classical education, and driven by the desire to refine her artistic talent, Bilge took an architecture degree at the Istanbul Technical University.

Established in 2017, the designer label 'AC AnatolianCraft' unites classical embroidery techniques with traditional craftsmanship, luxury fabrics, and unconventional details to create its unique aesthetics. 'AnatolianCraft' is a brand dedicated to ethical and conscious fashion understanding of Bilge. 

Through intricate hand-embroidery and beading techniques, 'AC AnatolianCraft' infuses unique haute-couture with Anatolian heritage. Istanbul has been, and remains, one of the most powerful reservoirs of Bilge's inspiration as reflected in the choice for fabrics, embroideries, and gemstones.