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Our Legacy

Even as a very young girl, Bilge “breathed” the aroma of the family heirloom antique Turkish wooden chest full with hand-knitted socks, traditional Turkish lace 'Oya' brooches, hand-embroidered duvets, crochet curtains and hand-painted porcelain sets.

One of the family heirlooms in this wooden chest was so breathtaking for her, as she had opened this antique chest at the age of 55. This was a lightning bolt moment for founding 'AnatolianCraft'

Deep in the chest there was a hand-embroidered shoe, that once belonged to a very special maternal family member: Zehra Aylin. Zehra was one of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's, founder of modern Turkey, adopted children. The young girl born in a city in the Black Sea region, Amasya, died on her way back to Turkey from London travelling by the Callais-Paris express. 

This exceptional piece worn by Zehra, and passed down to Bilge by her great- grandmother had also a name: SARAYLI,
meaning "Of the Seraglio".
This was how her great-grand mother called it.