1.2. Our Promise

Our Values

While there are many paths to creating what matters, we, at AnatolianCraft, live and work by three core values:

1. Quality Over Quantity

We are committed to delighting our customers by elevating their style with jewel-like shoes and accessories that marry modern luxury with a touch of history. Each AnatolianCraft product is a unique wearable art masterpiece, handmade and hand-embroidered by the talented artisans we collaborate with. We use the best local materials that are sourced ethically. It is not easy to create our products. The process is challenging. And it takes time to custom-make each product. Our best customers are ready to be patient. Because they know that when they receive their shoes, it will be love at first sight.

2. A Culture of Caring

We measure our success based on the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profits. We know that when we take care of our customers, artisans, and our planet, good things happen. Empowering women and changing the world one pair of shoes at a time informs every single action we take. We collaborate with local independent artisans and create well-paying employment opportunities for women in rural areas where it is harder for them to make a living. We are fluent not just in style but also in sustainability. We preach and practice conscious design, ethical commerce, fair trade, and respect for artisanship. We stand against the “throw-away culture” and care for our planet by designing and developing high-quality, durable goods made of natural materials that stand the passing of time—you can wear them with joy for a lifetime, and one day, you can even hand them over to your daughter or granddaughter.  

3. Slow and Intentional Living

We believe in slow fashion and mindful living. We take our time to design, cut, sew, embroider and package each product with care. Hand-embroidery is an age-old craft that requires much time and effort. It takes days, sometimes weeks, for each pair of threaded magic to be handcrafted stitch by stitch. Each of our embroidery designs has a story of its own that is rooted in the rich cultural heritage of the land we call home. In the age of fast food, mass production, and mindless consumption, we take our time to create and connect slowly so that we can focus on what matters—in life and business.

Our Manifesto

We want to live in a world where...

We slow down to enjoy the simple joys of life and appreciate reconnecting with ourselves, the people we love, and the nature that surrounds us.

We build truer, deeper bonds with one another and be present in each precious moment of life that unfolds.

Empathy, patience, forgiveness, kindness, and trust prevail—a world where becoming better humans and designing a better world are goals we all share.

More people take a stand against the “throw-away” culture and become conscious consumers who choose quality over quantity.

Artisanship and skilled labor are valued, and people take joy in knowing the roots, sources, and makers of the clothes they wear and the objects they buy.

We turn to Mother Nature to find the most beautiful colors, fragrances, and textures, and we also take better care of our bountiful and forgiving planet.

All women have financial freedom—because a world where all women thrive will be a better place for everyone.

Each woman desires to be no one but herself and has a deeper life purpose and a big, beautiful dream that's worth following.