Heritage: Made in Turkey Craftsmanship | AC AnatolianCraft

Vision & Mission


Our Vision

'AC AnatolianCraft’ is a brand of heritage, emotion and timeless elegance. Our brand ethos is centred around our commitment designing unique, real hand-made pieces that can be worn a lifetime. We truly believe in 'Slow Fashion'. 

We blend tradition and modern, where Orient meets Occident. Our collections reflect a wide variety of Seljuk, Byzantine and Ottoman influences; civilisations in which people took a lot of care in grooming their appearance, and whose garments were designed, crafted, and worn with great thought and care. Design inspirations coming from these older civilisations are merged with European fashion in our designs.

We create emotional connections with our customers and wish to spread our timeless design character into the world.


Our Mission

Our aim is to delight our customers with products that are designed and developed with great care and with a keen eye for detail. Designed in Istanbul. Crafted in Anatolia, in the home of eternity.

Hand embroidery jewelled fabrics turn into AnatolianCraft masterpieces: The fabric, mostly velvet or kutnu, is stretched tightly on a wooden frame before it is embroidered by the artisan. Every design piece has a story of its own as these threaded magic is created over days, sometimes even a week. The ingenuity of Anatolian women makes hand embroidery more valuable in the days of industrial modernity. 

Our commitment to empowering Anatolian women is at every level of AnatolianCraft’s business. We collaborate with local independent artisans, aiming  a sustainable social impact and creating sustainable employment opportunities.

"And, when you want something,
all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it."
Paulo Coelho (The Alchemist)